Upgrading My Acoustic Vs. Buying A New Expensive Acoustic Guitars

It has come to that time of the year again when I decided to break my bank and buy myself a shiny new guitar. Each and every year I reward myself with a new guitar as motivation to get to work everyday.

I don’t enjoy my job ads an accountant as i’d much rather be a musician and a guitarist in a band. The city and country in which I live is unfortunately not conducive for making a living out of music.

Last year my reward for working was purchasing a brand new made in USA Fender Stratocaster. This guitar has been so inspiring to play and has made me fall in love with the guitar even more.

Since last year I bought an expensive electric guitar I thought this year I’d buy myself an expensive acoustic guitar. There are so many expensive acoustic guitars to choose from that I don’t even know where to begin.

That got me thinking…I have a vintage Yamaha expensive acoustic guitars that you can see in the image below, but it is old and could do with some upgrading. I’m debating if I should rather upgrade the Yamaha acoustic guitar or If I should buy a brand new expensive acoustic guitars.

Yamaha expensive acoustic

Upgrading my current vintage expensive acoustic guitar will cost me a  lot less money but there is risk involved as I have no guarantee that the upgrades will be the same or better than buying a new expensive acoustic guitar.

Things To Upgrade On My Old Yamaha Expensive Acoustic Guitar

  • Change the plastic nut to a bone nut on the acoustic guitar
  • Change the bridge from plastic to bone
  • Upgrade the tuning pegs
  • Upgrade the pickup system from Yamaha’s to Fishman pickups

The above are just some of the upgrades I’d need to make in order to meet the standard of expensive acoustic guitars that I am after.

Stock Specifications of a New Expensive Acoustic Guitar

Buying a brand new expensive acoustic will mean that I can choose the model which has all the specifications that I want. This may be harder to come by though, as you can’t really pick or choose what comes with a new instrument however, they already have the best hardware anyway so I’d never need to worry about upgrading the guitar again.

I think I will still let this decision percolate a little bit as I am not one hundred percent sure of what expensive guitar I want to spend my money on.



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