Ibanez Make Cool Guitar Picks

I was actually very pleasantly surprised the other day when I tried out the Ibanez guitar picks (click here to see them) for the first time. So I decided that it was worth doing a review of them because they really are cool guitar picks.

What are these Cool Guitar Picks?

They are guitar picks but the only difference is that they are made by Ibanez which is best known for making high quality electric guitars from Japan. Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert actually uses these Ibanez cool guitar picks when he practices and plays live. Taking this into account one can only assume that these Ibanez cool guitar picks are cool!

What’s special About Ibanez Guitar Picks?

The Ibanez guitar picks are really cool guitar picks because they have special grip options that some other guitar picks makers don’t produce. These include a wide range of stubbed gripped cool guitar picks

Ibanez also make normal guitar picks that most other brands have such as delrin and nylon. The Ibanez guitar picks also have a range of thickness options for their guitar picks however these are the same as all other cool guitar pick manufacturers.

If you would like to buy these Ibanez cool guitar picks, I’m sure Guitar Pick Zone will have some all you have to do is click here



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