Falling Off My Best Electric Skateboard

I will tell you about my first time riding the best electric skateboard and how I managed to fall off of the electric skateboard.

I was visiting a friend as we had both decided to go long board skating around the neighborhood in which we live.

We had tons of fun riding our skateboards up and down the various hills in our area but just as we finished with our long board skateboard session my friend said he had a surprise to show me.

I was excited but also had absolutely no idea what It might be. Eventually my friend came out with an expensive best electric skateboard which he bought on www.skateboardartists.com

According to my friend this very electric skateboard that he purchased was voted the best electric skateboard on Skateboardartists.com so I was now even more excited to try it out.

My friend seemed to grasp this best electric skateboard very well, going up and down steep hills without worrying about stopping or falling off.

I had enough time watching my friend and now I wanted a turn on the best electric skateboard. Eventually he let me have a go and I was very confident, perhaps I was even over confident before getting on. I figured If I could ride a normal skateboard I could ride an electric one with no problem.

I was proved completely wrong as this electric skateboard is fast and powerful and is completely different to riding a normal skateboard.

I went off down the steepest hill in the area and forgot to use the breaks so I went flying off the board and smashed myself onto the road.

Luckily the electric skateboard was unharmed and luckily I was left unharmed too.

The best electric skateboard is a lot of fun and should be treated differently to a normal skateboard or long board.


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